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What's My Part?

Missions, as defined by the dictionary is: 1) an important assignment carried out for religious purposes, typically involving travel, 2) a group of people sent on a mission, and 3) an organization or institution involved in a long-term assignment in a foreign country.

In God’s dictionary (the Bible), He shows us that from the birthing of the New Testament church, God’s people and organizations (the church) has made missionary work a main part of their Christian experience and expression.

Missions is the physical and spiritual response to Christ’s mandate to the church to, “go ye into all the world and make disciples.” (Mark 16:15) Through Praise Chapel Missions, a local church pastor and their congregation can help meet the many needs that come along with reaching people with the Gospel, while experiencing a sense of relationship with that missionary and their people.

Partnering together we are stronger than any one of us by ourselves. Think about how incredible the opportunity before us to be part of establishing new churches globally. 


People need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). His plan is that those who already know the Gospel share it with those around them.

Through Praise Chapel Missions, you and your church are privileged to pool our resources to help fund the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. God has chosen us as individuals and as churches to share that Gospel with others.

Some of the last words of Christ before He ascended to heaven was that we should go and carry His Word to the world. In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus said to go into the whole world with the Gospel, teach the hearers and baptize believers.

Supporting Praise Chapel Missions is important, because it’s God’s plan in this world to establish new churches and bring new believers to Christ through the work of missions. 

Before His ascension, Christ gave the church a direct command to carry the good news to other places. New churches were established in the region and beyond by these early believers.

While some may look at the financial support of missions as, “another expense,” others understand the power of investing in an endeavor that is constantly expanding and bearing fruit.


Praise Chapel, now PCGlobal has a good name.  We've successfully established, maintained, and supported missions for over 35 years with great success. Our victories and successes have been realized through many, many years of networking and developing partnerships with established, mature spiritual leaders in foreign countries as well as our local churches. 

Through the years of consistent and strategic missions work, Praise Chapel has been blessed to be part of the establishing of literally hundreds of churches worldwide. The Philippines, China, Nicaragua, Mexico, Eastern Europe (just to name a few), have been tremendously impacted by our networking and investing through the years.


Your support is the drive train of this vehicle we call “missions.” What we could never do individually, we can do together. When Jesus was talking with His disciples one day, He looked up at the crowd of people. Jesus could see a great harvest of souls. He knew that there were many people who were ready to hear and receive the Gospel.

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus said that we should pray for the laborers to carry the Gospel to the harvest field. The harvest is plenteous. The work to be done is tremendously large. What is necessary are the people to go out and do the work, send monthly financial support, and pray.

What will your part in missions be? Please pray and ask God how you can be more involved in helping the cause of missions. Your monthly support and the support from your local church will make a monumental difference in people all over the world.

-Fernando Villicana, Pastor of Firehouse Church, Brea, CA

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