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LEADERCON IS JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY... join us for this three day, jam-packed, vision-casting conference just for pastors and their leaders and those wanting to do more in the Kingdom of God.

Pastors, it's probably been a long time since you've been around your PC peers. This is your chance to be with your old friends and make new ones, to strengthen your old relationships and build new ones. This is a good opportunity for you to be reminded of the vision that caught your attention all that time ago that caused you to want to go out and pioneer. This is the opportunity for you to invest in and bring the young leaders in your ministry to see what Praise Chapel is all about and how it started for you. Bring your leaders and let them see the vision of PCGlobal for themselves in a different light.

When we have a guest preacher that comes to our church, they can get up and preach the very same thing we did the week before and, yet people may hear and understand in a totally different way... "finally" understanding...

These conferences are put on especially for you... to refresh you in spirit and mind and they are also put on for your leaders... to help them to understand and catch that very same vision that you caught once before...

Maybe you forgot what Praise Chapel is all about... maybe the vision has become a little cloudy for you over the years... maybe your vision goggles need a fresh cleaning?

Come to the conference. Bring your spouse, your co-pastor. Bring those leaders in your church that have the potential to win this world for the Kingdom of God.

We are doing this for YOU.

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