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By giving to PC Global Network, you are helping thousands of churches and ministries all around the globe. You can also choose to specify the ministry or area you want to give to.



Consider using automatic online giving. Take the hassle out of remembering to send in your gift each month.


Consider giving by mail?  For the traditional way of sending in your gift each month.


P.O. Box 1769

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


January 5, 2023  

Dear PC Global Partners,  

PC Global Network is committed to provide the best care to those who place their trust in us. We are also constantly keeping up with United States laws for Non Profit organizations. There are financial laws concerning the handling of donations that we must adapt to.   

  1. Personal bank accounts or western union and any other type of money transfer   ​

Any funds transferred outside of the United States must go to a legal church organization. We can’t send funds to a person or to an individual ’s personal bank account.  We have done this  

in this past, but can no longer continue this method of payment.


  • Give us the name and information of your church/ministry bank account.   

  •  Ask your donors to send to you directly. They will not receive a tax receipt in America but they can support you directly.   

   2. Administration Costs  

Since the beginning of our Missions organization, we have deducted a 10% administrative cost to cover banking and administrative costs for monthly support received. This will not change. 


   3. Project Funds   


    Projects funds are a one time or multiple gifts that are not designated for monthly support. This would include any building projects

    or specific needs, etc. A project has a beginning and an end goal. Once the project is completed, monthly support will not continue.


    Beginning January 2023 PCG will begin deducting 3% of Project funds to cover administrative costs.   

Example: If someone gives $1,000.00 online they usually do it with credit/debit card. PC Global has to pay average 3% ($30.00).  To send those funds we pay another $20.00. So for a $1000.00, we are spending $50.00 not including administration cost on our end. Multiply that by much more, and it adds up quickly. We spent $12,000.00 in bank fees in 2022 alone.   

If you have any questions or comments, please email or call me directly. Sincerely,                                                                                                   (888) 980-5116 


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To fulfill the Great Commission by collaborating with pastors, networks and ministries to multiply church planting worldwide.

Phone: 888.980-5116

PO Box 1769
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

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