From the Inside

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

By Shauna Neville

As the year is coming to a close and this is our last newsletter of the year, I’m excited as I look back over the past months from a missions perspective. I’m excited about all the people who understand the call to support missions and church planting and who do so through PCG Missions.

I grew up in all things, “Missions.” When I was a nine year old little girl, my dad, received and responded to an opportunity to go to China as an English teacher.

From my understanding, China had been closed off to Americans entering it’s borders for a very long time up until that point. At that point, China decided they needed help from the Americans and other native English speaking countries. They were desperately seeking to bring in American teachers to teach the people English and so they opened up their borders to qualified teachers. It was an open door that my dad walked through that changed the trajectory of our family’s life and my life forever.

What was originally a one year leave of absence from his job and commitment to teach English in China, became a lifetime of ministry fruit all over Asia and the world. Some would see the places I’ve lived in as “impossible,” but I look back and see all of it as such an amazing upbringing that I would never want it changed, given the chance. I believe it did cause sort of a different perspective than most who were raised in a single culture… I’m what is commonly know as a “third culture kid.”

My mom, baby sister and myself in a wet market in China.

When we (not me, but people in general) think about our own financial health and investments, it’s a goal to invest o