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provides the hub for our Family of Churches and Fellowships to collaborate to help fulfill the Great Commission.

To all of our PC Global family of churches and ministries, Janet and I and all the senior leaders are happy to welcome you to visit our website.  Along with our leaders we are here to be a blessing to each of you,  our global family. 
If you are a PCG  Church Plant, send us your LOGO and we will add it here
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 Let's bless ISRAEL today in their greatest time of need in many years.

Praise Chapel supports and partners with congregations in Israel.  Praise Chapel in Ashkelon is in the hardest hit area of Israel.  

These congregations are helping needy families who have lost loved ones, lost their homes, and everything they had. They are in need today. You can help them today through PC Global.  What you give will go directly to Israel. We can't help everyone, but we can help some today.

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
This is an eteral promise. There have been unimaginable atrocities committed against the Jewish people. The needs are massive. Israel needs the CHURCH to help now.
Student Camp

Join us for days filled with fun, fellowship, and growth in faith. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

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Hong Kong, China

Afterover 30 years at the same location, Calvary Church in Hong Kong has recently moved to a new location. While the previous location made them a mobile church, they have finally been able to have a home base to host their many services on Sundays and during the week.

They have services in English for the International service, a service in Nepalese and a service for the Filipino Ministry as well, all at their new home!

They are celebrating 35 years in Hong Kong this November 22-24. If you ever wanted to visit Hong Kong, that will be a perfect time. Contact the PC Global office for more info. Let’s celebrate them together! 

Eastern Europe

Robert Menchaca has just gone into Eastern Europe for a three month ministry trip.

Baruch Sanchez is currently in Eastern Europe on a worship and evangelism tour. Firehouse Church from OC, CA also has a team of people with Baruch for a portion of the trip. 

A Message from Paul Neville
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Pastor Bruno Nyarko recently received enough donations from PCM to buy a new motorbike. He's using this motorbike to travel to the various villages that he's ministering in. 

Some of these villages have no school, no health facility, no good drinking water, yet there are people living there who must be reached with the Word of God.

Easter Convention

Easter is one of our busiest days on the calendar and we have what is known here as "Easter Conventions," comprising of evangelism, church services, picnics and other related activities. 

This year, the fellowship hosted conventions in four different towns (Accra, Kubeasi, Asamankese and Konongo) from Thursday through to Sunday (March 28-31).

Here in Accra, the attendance was crazy. We anticipated about 120 people to attend and we were overwhelmed with over 470 excluding kids. We had to quickly run around hiring chairs and canopies etc to cater for the numbers. God be praised.

Food was prepared for 120 people, but as reported earlier we had over 550 with kids. Since we could not leave them hungry, we prayed over what was available and guess what ?? The food was shared to all present!

There were salvations and deliverances to many during these services.

Honoring one of the longest serving and
hard working pastors, Pastor John Owusu.
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Pastors Bruno Nyarko and Eric Dafour recently visited Liberia for Praise Chapel’s Conference. Their primary focus during this trip has been assisting in the construction of a new church building and conference center near the main city. This building will house the new church plant.

Pastors Forpka and Elsie Noriss were planted out of the Ghanaian church approximately fourteen years ago

New believers being baptized at Praise Chapel
Liberia on Resurrection Sunday.
Our Church Devastated in Regional Flood

Praise Chapel, Duhok, Kurdistan Region N. Iraq

Due to the torrential Spring rainfall, reported to be the worst in three decades, Flash floods swept through the whole of Duhok Governate and Erbil. The City of Duhok, where our church is located, sustained the most damage from the flooding. Our church is in one of the areas hardest hit by the flood waters.

PC Duhok sustained severe water and mud damage; the water level inside the ground floors rose to a depth of about 4 to 4 1/2 feet, damaging all of the equipment and furnishings within. One of the outer walls surrounding the compound collapsed, There was also structural damage to the flooring in the Worship Hall. 

The rapid rise of the flood waters caught many throughout the city by surprise. 
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As the water broke through into the Church Compound, Pastor Layth saw it pouring into their basement garage under the Church Daycare building. He rushed out into the rapidly rising waters in an attempt to save the car parked below, but it was too late. He managed to get to the car and retrieve his wallet and some important papers but the water was rising to fast to move the car. 

As he exited the vehicle, the current was so strong that it pushed him down to the concrete floor with such force that he initially thought he had broken his femur. 

He managed to swim out of the garage back to ground level, where he waded through the ever deepening waters back to the auxiliary building. The car simply disappeared beneath the water that now filled the garage under the daycare building (Photo 2).

Praise Chapel, Duhok, Kurdistan Region N. Iraq

The flood surrounded them, they were trapped with no way to escape. He and his family took refuge in their apartment on the upper floors as the water continued to rise below them. There they prayed together for their safety.

We give thanks to The Lord that none of our people were seriously harmed … but the people here have suffered great losses, over 300 homes that we know of so far have been destroyed. Our own lose is catastrophic in terms of damage equipment and furnishing. Task of cleanup and repairs to the facilities is monumental.

In our 20 years in Iraq, we’ve been continuously confronted with war, insurgency, political chaos and economic instability, the impact of the Syrian Civil War and the resultant Refugee Crisis, the ISIS incursion and ensuing IDP flights into Kurdistan for refuge, the Covid-19 Pandemic shutdown of our church. We’ve weathered it all and kept functioning, but in one long night this flood has overwhelmed us.


Dr. Ali Tatar, the Governor of Duhok, came to inspect the damage to our church from last week’s devastating flood, which struck all of Duhok Governate. The Governate's Capitol, the city of Duhok, was especially hard hit. While here, the Governor himself joined in to help us with the cleanup of our Church facilities. A massive undertaking. 

These soldiers are Kurdish Peshmerga Special Forces under the command of Mansoor Barazani, the son of the President of the Autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Those who wear the uniforms in this photo are from Civil Defense. Those in civilian clothes are from public security. These also joined in to assist us.

This help and encouragement was unexpected; especially in light of magnitude of the local damage to the city and the rest of the Governate. Needless to say, we’re very grateful for the assistance; For which we give thanks to The LORD … and to the Kurdistan Regional Government who stood with us in this time of need.

Our Appeal is to The LORD and also to you, those of willing heart moved by HIS Spirit. We know that you are there, that you are always there and that when HE speaks, you respond as best you can with what you have.

If you are so moved to respond to this urgent need, kindly send your offering to our Missions Office designated Middle East or Iraq.


P.O. BOX 1769


If you prefer to give Securely Online follow this link to our website;

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September 6-8, 2024

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Word of Life Church La Mesa, CA

November 7 - 9, 2024

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November 22-24, 2024

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