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August Update 2023

Embrace the Opportunity:

Support John McGovern's Journey to the G20 Summit

Dear PCGlobal Family,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits. Today, I come to you with an extraordinary chance that lies before us—one that holds immense potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals. Allow me to share the remarkable journey of our dedicated member, John McGovern, who has been tirelessly working in Poland and the Ukraine since March of 2022, seeking ways to aid the Ukrainian people during this turbulent time of war.

John's unwavering commitment and selfless efforts have led us to doors we never would have fathomed, providing access to esteemed organizations such as the UN, the Ukrainian Parliament, G20, as well as international security meetings in Washington DC and Europe. His genuine pursuit to help and share the gospel has garnered him recognition, with invitations to prestigious events like the G20 summit in Indonesia and Kezia Malcolm's address to the UN in Geneva.

Now, an unprecedented opportunity awaits us as John has been requested to be a member of a steering committee for the upcoming G20 summit in New Delhi, India. This presents an unparalleled chance to bring John, and by extension, all of us, before world leaders and decision makers. I am firm in my belief that these connections are not mere happenstance; they are divine opportunities, gifts from God himself, enabling us to extend our reach and impact lives in ways we never imagined.

As we reflect on our past endeavors in Kurdistan, where our selfless purpose transcended personal gain, we are now presented with another chance to make a tangible difference. The respect and trust John has earned from international politicians, even being embraced by the former president of Ukraine, exemplify the level of influence he carries and the potential to effect meaningful change.

However, we cannot embark on this transformative journey alone. I wholeheartedly implore each and every one of you to stand alongside John and PCGlobal in this undertaking. The estimated cost for this endeavor is approximately $6000, covering expenses related to travel, accommodation, and participation in the conference. This investment is not merely monetary but an investment in a future where our organization, though seemingly modest on the global scale, can make waves in nations we once deemed unreachable.

Together, WE can achieve greatness. Together, WE can make a difference. Together, WE can pave the way for a brighter future. I am confident that by rallying behind John and his mission, we will see the seeds of transformation bloom into extraordinary results.

Now is the time to act! Your generous contributions and support are pivotal in making this vision a reality. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a significant impact in this endeavor. Together, let us show the world what the power of unity and compassion can achieve.

To contribute to this incredible opportunity, please give to PCGlobal at:




Thank you for your unwavering dedication and support. Let us embrace this opportunity with open hearts and hands, knowing that our actions today will shape a better tomorrow.

With warm regards and profound gratitude,

Paul Neville




The building for the church and school in Ghana continues.

The roof is almost complete.  The cement and concrete are still to come.



This year, Hands of Hope purchased a new water truck that will restore emergency water delivery activity.  It provides clean drinking water to over 100,000 people in Assayita and the remote desert of the Afar.

They are also maintaining the existing water development projects in 3 of the 9 regions in Ethiopia.

Thank you for your support of Hand of Hope in Ethiopia.



Ukraine Missions

Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Az continues to provide pallets full of medical supplies in an effort to help meet the needs of the people of Ukraine.  


The prayer group that has been meeting every week since the inception of the war is seeing God do big miracles in regards to this and transportation.


Just in the last week, the transportation that was arranged to get the medical supplies to Ukraine cancelled.  John McGovern was on the phone at a truck stop in Arizona when a truck driver at the next pump overheard John talking on the phone.  He was making faces while John was on the phone that were sure tales that he was listening in.


When John got off the phone, he began to talk with the truck driver.  Turned out the driver is from Ukraine and owns a trucking company and is transporting the pallets as you read this.  





Al Minya, Upper Egypt

Pastor/Evangelist Habib preached a revival meeting at a small church in a nearby village. About 200 people attended the meetings. Thirty people received Christ as their Lord and Savior as the Gospel continues to spread throughout Egypt.



Praise Chapel in Ontario, CA has a new meeting location.  They've been meeting in Upland, CA for a long time and have been praying for a meeting space in their original city of Ontario.  Their prayers are being answered!

En la mayoría de estos países, el Covid está peor que nunca. Filipinas, Hong Kong, Alemania y otras naciones están nuevamente en un bloqueo restringido. Tengámoslos en nuestras oraciones.  


Hay mucho más en lo que estamos involucrados, pero ahora hay espacio para escribirlo aquí. Muchas gracias por su fiel apoyo a PC Global Missions.

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