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Watch the history of Praise Chapel

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In 1976 Mike and Donna Neville moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Maywood, California to be the pastors of a struggling Pentecostal Church of God. After a short time there they begin to experience wonderful move of God . . . .


We started with a very simple structure: One church sending out couples who were discipled within the local church to plant new churches. They were provided with basic ministry support, ongoing life-learning opportunities, Bible conferences and a family-style fellowship to be apart of.


We developed our ministry vision Win, Build, Send that has become the primary focus of most of our ministries—though the verbiage may be slightly different—the heart behind the original vision that founded this fellowship remains in all of our affiliate churches to this day.


From that simple structure our one church has multiplied into multiple networks with over 4300 churches in 30 nations. We are now a multi-generational, multi-national, multi-ethnic movement all over the world.  Today these networks combine to host over 100 conferences world-wide and sponsor hundreds of events for affiliate churches and ministers.



PC Global is the collaborative hub for our ministry model. We are a “House of Brands.” Networks of “Spiritual Entrepreneurs.” Continually expanding to be inclusive of the amazing work that God is doing globally. 

PC Global provides a resource platform for churches and ministries based upon mutuality that celebrates the differences in cultural ministry models while holding onto our core values and beliefs. Churches and Fellowships maintain their own name, autonomy and identity while viewing PC Global as their primary, but not exclusive relationship or family.

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El evangelio para todos,
y por cualquiera

Mira cómo colaboramos con las iglesias en todo el mundo


la plantación de iglesias
en todo el mundo

Queremos que tu ministerio crezca e impacte en la increíble obra
que Dios está haciendo a nivel mundial

¡Colabora con nosotros!

PC Global proporciona una plataforma de recursos para iglesias y ministerios basada en la mutualidad

que celebra los diferentes modelos de ministerio cultural, manteniendo

nuestros valores y creencias fundamentales.


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To fulfill the Great Commission by collaborating with pastors, networks and ministries to multiply church planting worldwide.

Phone: 888.980-5116

PO Box 1769
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

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