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provides the hub for our Family of Churches and Fellowships to collaborate to help fulfill the Great Commission.

To all of our PC Global family of churches and ministries, Janet and I and all the senior leaders are happy to welcome you to visit our website.  Along with our leaders we are here to be a blessing to each of you,  our global family. 
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Pastor Jack Harris |



Pastor Habib Assaad

September 1st - Al Minya, Upper Egypt

South of Cairo, 200 km


We've just finished our evangelistic tent revival here in Al Minya, a very big missionary outreach to about 4000 people from different geographic places. There was prayer for the sick, crisis resolution, and the healing of souls. The name of the Lord was exalted, and heaven rejoiced at the salvation of souls. 


By the grace of God, we are working in every way and in all directions, here and there, everywhere we can for the sake of the Kingdom. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. - Habib

Pastor Habib participated in the coordination, preparation, and pre-ministry for this powerful and highly successful Revival Event arranged by the General AOG Church of Egypt in partnership with the International Prayer Service.


Egypt continues to experience a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout Upper Egypt, especially in Al Minya, Al Qusiyah and Assiut . . . situated in the middle of Egypt, the region described in Isaiah's prophecy as being the place where and alter shall be built unto the LORD and the people of the region shall worship HIM.

The Philippines: A Report by Larry Neville
President of PCG Global
Janet and I went to the Philippines immediately when we heard that Pastor Sammy Mores had passed away. After the memorial services, I stayed for an additional three weeks. I then returned home for three weeks and subsequently went back to the Philippines for another six weeks.
During these trips, I attended several regional events where Pastor Sammy was originally scheduled to preach. We also organized more regional rallies at various locations. Those six weeks were quite busy.
After over three decades, my recent visit to the provincial areas of the Philippines was enlightening. Although I had regularly attended the National Conference, this trip allowed me to witness the country's thriving churches firsthand. The "Win, Build, and Send" vision is flourishing, with churches actively evangelizing, making disciples, and planting new congregations. The palpable excitement and revival spirit are prevalent, and many congregations are actively building church facilities, solidifying their ministries across the nation.
Southeast Asia is teeming with young people, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world. They are well-educated and are securing professional roles. Many of them are also committed to planting churches.
One notable example is a vibrant Manila church led by a couple in their early 30s, pastoring for twelve years. Their dynamic congregation, primarily composed of young members, drew such crowds that the service I attended had standing room only. They run 50 house churches and 30 school campus ministries, with additional interest from six international house churches formed by expatriates working overseas.
I assured them everywhere I went that we stand as partners with them and that the next generation in PC Global is dedicated to a lifelong partnership. I returned home, deeply moved by what I had witnessed and experienced. Even with the loss of Pastor Sammy Mores, they remain deeply committed to the mission and fellowship God has established.
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If you are a PCG  Church Plant, send us your LOGO and we will add it here
by Pastor Jason Fros't Neville
The book, “Defenders of the Faith” is packed with scriptures and perspectives that will strengthen and build your faith; increase your courage to be bold and stand firm; and give you the power to be victorious over every twisted lie that opposes God.
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John McGovern will represent PC Global at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India September 9-10, 2023.
Paul the Apostle wrote, “For a great and effective  door  has  opened to me”
( 1 Corinthians 16:9). This is an amazing door of opportunity for World Missions. Leaders from all over the world will be at this Summit. John has personal invitations into most of the meetings. 
We don’t know why this “door of opportunity” has opened for John, but we don know that it is a “God Opportunity” and we need to respond.
From this small beginning to help churches in Ukraine to the G20 Summit. Who knows what God has next for PC Global Network.
You can help sponsor this special PC Global Outreach at the G20 Summit.
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