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June Update 2022


Hollywood, CA

We first met Dinko Zambrano when Larry Neville was on a trip to visit churches in Colombia. Dinko had heard that Larry Neville was in South America.  He was tired of being alone and longed to be in fellowship and relationship somewhere.


He knew that we shared a vision and theology, so he borrowed money and spent three days on busses to get from Peru to Colombia.  That is the kind of commitment to fellowship and relationship we found in Dinko.


We have partnered with Dinko and his family since 2010 in Peru and the ministry there is doing great.  Dinko is making an impact in the nation in and out of the church.


He partnered with churches all over Peru to rally together in defense of the family. All denominations came together, even non-christians in defense of Biblical family.  This showed us the kind of commitment Dinko has to seeing a vision accomplished.


In 2020, Dinko shared a vision he had to pioneer a church as a missionary in the USA, a ministry like Revolution in Peru, but in America.  Based on our relationship over a decade with Dinko and his family, we began working on this vision.  They have chosen Hollywood, California as the location of this New Church.  


They have been working toward this for over a year, laying the groundwork, and we are partnering together with them in this. Several churches in Praise Chapel have come together to partner with the costs of seeing this happen, and you can also partner through PCGlobal. 


There are more examples of this coming in the future where PCGlobal is partnering with missionaries coming into the USA instead of sending from the USA.


Brother Jed Smock is with the Lord

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that a great man of God has gone to be with the Lord, Brother Jed Smock.


Many of you knew him and many have been saved and encouraged through his ministry here on earth. What an inspiration to so many of us, he was. Thank you, Brother Jed for your faithful service with the Great Commission and in the Kingdom of God.


Thank you for your heart to reach a young generation for God. There is no one like you. Until we meet again...


Cindy, we love you and we are praying for you during this time. Thank you for faithfulness and love to so many people.


"When we were courting, we sat in the “love seat” in his parents home, reading the Bible, praying and singing. We have done a lot of things in 39 years of marriage, but late in life fellowship with God is still our favorite thing to do together."


-Cindy Smock

In most of these countries Covid is worse than ever. The Philippines, Hong Kong, Germany and other nations are in a restricted lockdown again. Let’s keep them in our prayers. 


There is much more we are involved in but now space to write it here. Thank you so much for your faithful support of PC Global Missions.

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