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april Update 2023

Jesus Over Everything Book Clubs

In Fall of 2022, the “Jesus Over Everything” PC Women’s Conference started something new that it never even anticipated.  Two of the Praise Chapel churches, Praise Chapel in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Living Hope Family Church in Tucson, AZ carried along with the theme for their women’s ministries. 


They started this year by hosting book clubs using Lisa Whittle’s book, “Jesus Over Everything.”  This is the first women’s book club hosted by LHFC and the women have been loving every moment of it.  


Each book club night has been full.  They are all so excited about how it’s been going that they plan to end their last session with a party.


Tucson Medical Center Donates Big to Ukraine Ministry

Since the start of the war on Ukraine, PCG has had teams that have prayed for, given towards and gone to help wherever and however we can.  


Just this past month, the Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, AZ committed to donate a few pallets worth of medical supplies every other month.  Tucson’s Living Hope Family Church was able to pick up the first of these loads just two weeks ago.


This has come through much prayer and good connections… absolutely amazing what we can accomplish when we are willing to work together to expand the Kingdom of God.  


“There’s no limit to where a man can go or what he can accomplish if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” - President Ronald Reagan 

Together WE CAN!!!


Rezk Melek, Praise Chapel

Al Qusiyah, Upper Egypt


I want to share with you about our new ministry on social media. It’s something that started strongly and is having a great impact on us all. It’s a WhatsApp group meeting online. It began with 10 people and now it’s grown to 35 people who meet every day for an hour of prayer and study of the Bible.

This group is helping us to reach new people. Here’s just one story.

A mother had noticed that her daughter was joining the group online every day, so she began to listen in. She heard her praying and sharing in the Bible studies. She decided to join in with her daughter just to try it. When she did, she was deeply touched and now joins in with the group everyday.

A Father did the same thing, then brothers and sisters, etc. It’s became a great way for the members of the group to witness to their families.

Great things are continuing to happen here in Egypt. Thank you for your commitment and monthly support that helps us to grow this way.  Praise God for His great hand that is doing great things for us.


Rezk & Neama

April Update from Pastor Larry Neville, President, PCGlobal

Kenya Update from Tyrone Garay, Praise Chapel Everett, WA, USA


Thank you so much for your faithful support of PC Global Missions.

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